Are you wondering how you can increase productivity at your office? With only so many hours in the day, making the most of your employee’s time is crucial. However, determining the best ways to do this can be more challenging than you think. There are generally two options to increase output at your workplace—either have employees put in more hours or encourage them to work smarter. Below we will discuss five things your company can do right now to increase productivity. 

Review Existing Workflow

Your company thrives off its workflows. A workflow is a series of actions or activities necessary to complete a task. To enhance productivity at work, you must understand how your workflows function. You won’t be able to make changes until you know how everything works. Three areas you can review that contain critical information include:

  • People – Does your staff have the right skill set to complete tasks? Do you have a project manager who can help guide and keep people on track? Are employee objectives defined and realistic?
  • Processes – When was the last time you updated your procedures? What are the pain points and bottlenecks your employees face?
  • Equipment and Technology – Is your equipment in good working order? Is your equipment optimized for your current needs? Is it time for an upgrade?

Update Processes and Technology

After reviewing pain points and bottlenecks within your organization, you can start identifying areas of improvement. What current processes and technologies could use some updating or changing? Older equipment uses less intuitive technology. When technology isn’t user-friendly, it can lead to workflow interruptions. One aspect that often isn’t considered is your printing process. A streamlined print process can save time and money and improve efficiency in the workplace.  

Commit to Scheduled Maintenance

Equipment breakdowns cost time and money to repair. Using new technology and multifunction devices can help reduce downtime. But, to ensure your technology lasts longer, you must take care of them. While maintenance can be scheduled, breakdowns can’t, so it’s vital to plan preventative maintenance at regular intervals. Scheduled maintenance ensures your equipment continues to run smoothly without unexpected interruptions.  

Train and Educate Employees

Training your employees can be just as effective as investing in newer technology to increase workplace productivity. When your employees are appropriately trained, it leads to fewer mistakes and higher quality work. Employee education is also an excellent retention tool. 

Optimally Organize the Workspace

An organized workspace doesn’t just look good but can also maximize productivity. Reduce movement and travel time wherever possible. Remove unneeded or unused devices and create storage to reduce time finding materials, documents, and equipment. Creating the optimal layout of equipment and materials for your employees can save time and improve efficiency. 

How Office Technologies Can Increase Productivity at Your Work

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