5 Ways PaperCut Keeps Print Management Simple

We get it – you don’t have time for a complicated print management solution.  

It’s your business, your devices, and your processes. Now, there’s a simple print management software solution that meets the needs of your business on your terms: PaperCut. 

Your print management partner should work to be the right fit for you – not the other way around.  PaperCut’s systems are simple, intuitive, and can be installed in a single afternoon. 

Here are five ways that PaperCut works for your business:

1. Track Jobs Across Your Entire Fleet with PaperCut

From printing, copying, and scanning, PaperCut seamlessly tracks all your jobs, reviews job content, controls notifications, and more by using: 

  • Embedded device software
  • Web services between PaperCut server and your print fleet
  • Hardware terminals or controllers such as card swipe devices

Whether your organization has 5 or 50,000 users, this software can support your workforce. With PaperCut solutions, print data is stored securely in local databases, with support for existing infrastructures you may have such as a SQL server or Oracle. 

For system administrators, tracking print activities is easier than ever. Browser-based administration makes it simple to track system activity, updates, devices, and more. Admins can view and use a web-based dashboard right away, regardless of platform, and with no additional software or driver required.

Alongside job tracking and print volume, admins can either silently or actively monitor bill jobs in their network. Organizations such as libraries or schools may need a bill-per-job model, while a medium-sized business may be more interested in a silent monitoring structure that sends reports to the billing department for tracking. PaperCut supports both. 

  1. Discover the Power of a Global Print Queue with “Find-Me” Printing

Your users need to print where they are, from the device they have – and they need to do it quickly. Configuring printers for new devices can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially from mobile devices. With PaperCut’s “Find-Me” printing solution, users can print to a global queue from their computer or device, then release the job at any configured printer they choose. 

To simplify the system even more, new users don’t need to complete a lengthy setup process. The system can import new users automatically from an active directory or LDAP. Not only do these features save time and headaches, but the “Find-Me” feature alone can save businesses up to 20% on printing.

  1. Save Money and Increase Security with Secure Release

PaperCut’s security systems are embedded in every feature. For example, admins can configure “Find-Me” printing to release automatically on user authentication, or to release on a job-by-job basis depending on the level of security your business needs. Other printer security features include: 

  • Username and password authentication via MFD onscreen keyboard
  • ID keycard authentication, including bar codes, magnetic stripe, proximity types, and more
  • Document watermarking to track job origin

These features not only improve document security, but also reduce waste from unused or unneeded jobs that inevitably find themselves in your “unclaimed copies” bin. 

  1. Manage Resources Efficiently with Rules-Based Printing 

Setting your own rules can improve the use of your resources. For example, forcing duplex printing can instantly cut your paper use in half, and you can manage your resources wisely through setting print quotas or capping color printing. You can set these rules globally, by department, or any other custom setting. 

Pop-up notifications can also equip your business with easy reminders for users to print responsibly. For example, admins can configure pop-up notifications that discourage the printing of emails or unnecessary color printing, and automatically route jobs to appropriate printers based on specific parameters (i.e. job size). 

  1. Keep Your Devices and Your Operating Systems

It doesn’t matter what OS you use – PaperCut can support it. Whether it’s Windows, Mac, Linux, or other 64-bit operating systems, PaperCut’s solutions fit your platform (even if you have multiple sites and operating systems). In addition, PaperCut supports every major multifunction device (MFD), so you don’t have to invest in an all-new fleet to accommodate your print management solutions. Depending on your printer or MFD, setup can occur automatically, and it’s easy to swap out new devices over time. 

While PaperCut MF works best on a print server, you don’t even need one to use the software. Especially for very small businesses, local installation can support businesses who want to use PaperCut but do not have a dedicated print server. While many businesses choose to set up PaperCut over their local print network, you can also deploy in a cloud-hosted infrastructure as well.

Ready to learn more? Contact us today to learn more about how PaperCut’s print management solutions can fit the needs of your business!