How to Know If a Business is Using the Right Printing Company in Pottstown, Pennsylvania?

How to Know If a Business is Using the Right Printing Company in Pottstown, Pennsylvania? A print company offers many features, but it’s important to consider a print service that can scale with the company when hiring a managed print service in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Companies may consider important factors when choosing a managed print service such as environmental sustainability, what services that are offered, and how local the company is. Is the Managed Printing Company Local? A local Pennsylvanian printing company is probably best for a company residing in Pottstown, Pennsylvania (even if the company services national localities.) Local companies are more likely to have nearby office [...]

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The Advantages of Managed Print Services for Government Agencies

The Advantages of Managed Print Services for Government Agencies  Government agencies have unique organizational needs, and the private sector can address many of them. One of the most advantageous of these for government applications is managed print services which can enhance both security and productivity.  What Are Managed Print Services? A managed print service handles the maintenance, repair, and security concerns of office printers. One significant benefit of this is that they can do it at a fraction of the cost it would take to do the same thing in-house. Why Managed Print Services Are Advantageous for Government Agencies Government agencies thrive on security and efficiency. Managed [...]

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What to do When Your HP Printer Doesn’t Print

What to do When Your HP Printer Doesn't Print In business today, speed and efficiency is everything. The competition is clawing at the door, and it gets more intense by the day. With so much at stake, there is no room for error, especially setbacks caused by technical problems. HP printers are known for their security features and impressive capabilities, but when something goes wrong, it can cause quite the headache.  HP Printer Not Printing? Troubleshooting Tips To begin the troubleshooting process start with the basics. Always check the power cord and verify an electrical charge before doing anything else. Don’t forget to try turning the machine [...]

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Wide Format Printer Versus Plotter: What’s the Difference?

Wide Format Printer Versus Plotter: What’s the Difference? Printing revolutionized our world by enabling the creation of perfect copies of all manner of documents. In the past 100 years, we have seen numerous innovations increase the scope of materials, inks, and projects which printers can handle. From wide format printers to highly specialized printing devices, printing technology has evolved to meet the exact needs of various industries. The wide format plotter came out of that evolution. Once a common device in industries which value precision, they are not quite so ubiquitous today. However, they occasionally appear – and are even still used. Here is exactly what a [...]

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The Advantages of Managed Print Services in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Advantages of Managed Print Services in the Pharmaceutical Industry When it comes to healthcare, there is a lot of paperwork involved. That is also true in the pharmacy. Organizations large and small handle in the pharmaceutical industry tremendous amounts of paperwork and data – and they are expected to do so without error both by patients and the law.  More and more pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies are turning to managed print services to help conform to these demands. By outsourcing the management of their print environment, these companies can stay secure, efficient and focused on what they do best: helping patients.  How Managed Print Services Benefit [...]

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How to Implement Sustainable Printing Practices

How to Implement Sustainable Printing Practices Sustainable printing practices are far more than just a trendy buzzword. Emphasis on waste and carbon footprint reduction is becoming the status quo for offices all around the world.  Despite hurtling towards a digital future, most, if not every office still prints. The United States alone consumes over 30 percent of the world’s paper. The vast majority of that goes to offices, but that’s something which is still rarely recognized.  Sustainable printing practices are wildly popular because of their ability to dramatically reduce an office’s environmental impact without necessarily disrupting critical operations. Read on for a closer look at how environmentally [...]

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How a Multifunction Printer Increases Productivity and Profitability

How a Multifunction Printer Increases Company-Wide Productivity and Profitability  The multifunction printer has a long history of being the ultimate symbol of productivity in an office. Their compact structure and versatile capabilities have made them a staple in offices which need to move large quantities of documents through a workflow. It is now possible to print, copy, scan, and fax in one central, convenient device. A multifunction printer will transform a document cycle into an effortless, methodical flow of data. Thinking about investing in one of these innovative devices? Here are the many benefits in which multifunction printers bring to an office.  One Device, Many Terms Multifunction [...]

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Why Printer Maintenance Services Are Important

Why Printer Maintenance Services Are Important A printer’s maintenance procedures are required because they are complex electromechanical devices. As with any other sophisticated equipment, the expected lifetime depends on the care and quality of the services you perform on them.   With many moving parts and electronic components, failing to conduct a regular printer service can lead to you ending up with catastrophic failures. Some parts of a printer can be too expensive or complex to replace, requiring you to substitute the entire machine. Printing Maintenance Services Can Help Increase the Life of the Printer The specific type of printer service or maintenance that’s required depends on the [...]

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Factors to Consider before Signing a Copier Lease Agreement

Factors to Consider before Signing a Copier Lease Agreement Signing a copier lease agreement (or using managed print services) can make a lot of sense for your business. Even with all the drive towards a paperless society, in many cases, you are still required to generate hardcopies. Running out of supplies at the wrong time can have a negative impact on your office’s productivity. Many companies choose to outsource this service, opting to transfer the organizational risks to a third party or vendor. In doing so, they reduce the chance of a malfunctioning, unmaintained, or simply empty printing unit creating a point of failure. 5 Things to [...]

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5 Ways PaperCut Keeps Print Management Simple

5 Ways PaperCut Keeps Print Management Simple We get it – you don’t have time for a complicated print management solution.   It’s your business, your devices, and your processes. Now, there’s a simple print management software solution that meets the needs of your business on your terms: PaperCut.  Your print management partner should work to be the right fit for you – not the other way around.  PaperCut’s systems are simple, intuitive, and can be installed in a single afternoon.  Here are five ways that PaperCut works for your business: 1. Track Jobs Across Your Entire Fleet with PaperCut From printing, copying, and scanning, PaperCut seamlessly tracks [...]

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