How Often Should My Office Printer Be Serviced?

An office printer is one of the most valuable tools in your workplace, which means it needs to be reliable. With people printing anything from a couple of pages to large-scale projects and presentations daily, it’s critical to perform regular printer maintenance to ensure your printer can handle the demand and maximize productivity. Many businesses don’t understand the importance of a well-maintained printer, but professional servicing can help prevent workflow disruptions, among other things. Below, the experts at Office Technologies share how often you should service your office printer and some common issues you’ll face if you ignore regular maintenance.  How to Resolve Printer Problems/Issues Did you [...]

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5 Things Companies Can Do to Increase Productivity at Work

Are you wondering how you can increase productivity at your office? With only so many hours in the day, making the most of your employee's time is crucial. However, determining the best ways to do this can be more challenging than you think. There are generally two options to increase output at your workplace—either have employees put in more hours or encourage them to work smarter. Below we will discuss five things your company can do right now to increase productivity.  Review Existing Workflow Your company thrives off its workflows. A workflow is a series of actions or activities necessary to complete a task. To enhance productivity [...]

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Why Remanufactured Cartridges Should Be the New Normal

Your office finally purchased a brand new printer, but you notice the prices of the ink cartridges are outrageously expensive. Brand new cartridges can cost upwards of a hundred dollars, and if you’re purchasing new ink multiple times throughout the year, it is often more expensive than the initial cost of your brand new printer! If you manage an organization with a demanding print environment, you know the cost of ink adds up quickly. Remanufactured ink cartridges could be a more cost-effective option. Remanufacturing is of the most valuable processes your office can adopt to help cut down on costs, waste, and the environmental impact of business [...]

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Tips on How to Optimize Your Print Fleet

If you own or manage a large business or workforce, you know the hassles of managing several printing devices across a large area. Maybe some machines are getting overused while others gather dust. Or, perhaps some of your printers are slow and outdated, and your team chooses to not use them at all. No matter the reason, if you are looking for ways to increase efficiency and speed up workflows while cutting costs and increasing profits, you might want to look at your print fleets optimization. Most individuals are unsure of the best ways to optimize their fleet, but the managed print service providers at Office Technologies [...]

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Help! My Office Printer Stopped Working. What Should I Do?

Office printers are critical components in any office, and when something goes wrong, your entire organization can suffer. If you’re having printer problems or error printing occurs, it’s important to understand how to fix some of the most common problems so you can eliminate frustration and keep your business running smoothly. Whether it’s a software or hardware issue, the team at Office Technologies is here to help troubleshoot the most common printer problems.    Your Computer Won’t Connect to the Printer Probably the most common problem users encounter with an office printer is the connection between the printer and the computer. If connected through wifi, ensure the [...]

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How Do Your Sustainability Strategies Compare to the Competition?

How Do Your Sustainability Strategies Compare to the Competition? Business sustainability strategies are becoming a more popular topic in the world’s leading organizations.  If the most prominent players across various industries are taking a serious look at sustainability, it’s a good idea for any size company. The reason for this isn’t just because of the positive impact it has on the environment – though that’s a big part of it. Sustainability strategies are just as beneficial to businesses as they are to the environment. From retailers to travel businesses to countless other types of companies, professional organizations are seeing one thing clearly – customers want sustainability. Businesses [...]

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How a Managed Print Service Prevents Printer Hacking

How a Managed Print Service Prevents Printer Hacking Companies must take precaution when safeguarding data. Doors have locks, Wi-Fi is password protected, but printer security is often largely ignored. To prevent data breaches, a well-managed print service will use a range of tools and policy, to help safeguard data, while fostering a security mindset. Where are Printers Most Vulnerable? Many printer related vulnerabilities can easily be exploited by hackers and are rarely given a second thought. Hackers can take advantage of printer vulnerabilities in many clever ways to gain access to sensitive data. Printer vulnerabilities may include:  Documents: Documents can leak sensitive information especially when printed to [...]

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How to Know If a Business is Using the Right Printing Company in Pottstown, Pennsylvania?

How to Know If a Business is Using the Right Printing Company in Pottstown, Pennsylvania? A print company offers many features, but it’s important to consider a print service that can scale with the company when hiring a managed print service in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Companies may consider important factors when choosing a managed print service such as environmental sustainability, what services that are offered, and how local the company is. Is the Managed Printing Company Local? A local Pennsylvanian printing company is probably best for a company residing in Pottstown, Pennsylvania (even if the company services national localities.) Local companies are more likely to have nearby office [...]

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The Advantages of Managed Print Services for Government Agencies

The Advantages of Managed Print Services for Government Agencies  Government agencies have unique organizational needs, and the private sector can address many of them. One of the most advantageous of these for government applications is managed print services which can enhance both security and productivity.  What Are Managed Print Services? A managed print service handles the maintenance, repair, and security concerns of office printers. One significant benefit of this is that they can do it at a fraction of the cost it would take to do the same thing in-house. Why Managed Print Services Are Advantageous for Government Agencies Government agencies thrive on security and efficiency. Managed [...]

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What to do When Your HP Printer Doesn’t Print

What to do When Your HP Printer Doesn't Print In business today, speed and efficiency is everything. The competition is clawing at the door, and it gets more intense by the day. With so much at stake, there is no room for error, especially setbacks caused by technical problems. HP printers are known for their security features and impressive capabilities, but when something goes wrong, it can cause quite the headache.  HP Printer Not Printing? Troubleshooting Tips To begin the troubleshooting process start with the basics. Always check the power cord and verify an electrical charge before doing anything else. Don’t forget to try turning the machine [...]

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