Check Out HP’s New PageWide Color MFPs and Printers

Check Out HP’s New PageWide Color MFPs and Printers When it comes to printing, it’s time to stop compromising. Whether you are in the market for a multifunction product (MFP) or a standalone printer, the HP PageWide series competitively meets the needs of both small and large businesses. This fleet packs design and function features that offer some of the fastest, affordable, and secure color printing available worldwide in its class. Check out some advantages of HP PageWide color printers below: Enjoy Low-Cost Color with HP PageWide Stop choosing between color printing and price. With the HP PageWide fleet, your business can print in high-quality color for [...]

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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy a Copier or Printer Online

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy a Copier or Printer Online Sometimes, the convenience of ordering online can ultimately cost more. At some point, your business will need to purchase, replace, or upgrade a multifunction printer (MFP) or copier. It can be tempting to find a model online, punch in a card number, and be done with it. However, this can cause headaches that cost you time and money down the line. Here some of the biggest reasons to avoid buying office equipment online. Online Printer Purchases Can Lead to Unexpected Shipping Issues High-volume MFPs designed to support a busy workplace are not small shipments. Not only does [...]

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Is A Managed Print Services Program Right for My Organization?

Is A Managed Print Services Program Right for My Organization? Each day, office workers print an average of 34 pages. Over half of those will end up in the recycling bin at the end of the day. Further, a full ninety percent of North American companies don’t track what they spend on printing, much less what gets printed. To help with this, many organizations now use managed print services. Managed print services (MPS) take a load off of businesses by providing and overseeing business document output. From providing critical hardware to implementing paper use reduction strategies, an MPS is a customized solution to increase organization, tracking, and [...]

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5 Tips for Reducing Your Printing Costs

5 Tips for Reducing Your Printing Costs Printing offers many opportunities for unexpected expenses or hidden costs to creep into the balance sheet and affect the bottom line. The average office sees three to five percent of its total operating expenses dedicated to printing. Nonetheless, reducing office printing costs is rarely where businesses start when they seek to cut back on their expenses. Most printing is considered a self-evident business need and, as such, practices around it remain unexamined. Stunned by how big of a bite your printing took out of your budget last year? Here are five ways which you can cut back your expenses related [...]

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3 Signs to Know When to Replace an Office Copier

3 Signs to Know When to Replace an Office Copier For the last half-century, they’ve been a staple of the modern office. Whether we love it or hate it, copiers are rarely relegated to the sidelines in the quest for office efficiency. However, how do we know when it is time to replace an office copier?   Copiers have been a part of the office scenery for so long that we sometimes forget they also need to be upgraded. Here are three unmistakable signs your office needs a new photocopier.   1. Technology, or your business needs, have outpaced your copier’s abilities. The first photocopier went on [...]

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Stop Throwing Toner Cartridges in the Trash

Stop Throwing Toner Cartridges in the Trash Every year, offices throw away more than 375 million toner and ink cartridges. That’s well over 700 cartridges per minute. Despite a growing movement to support toner recycling, most still wind up in landfills. Toner and ink cartridges may be small, but they exact a costly impact to both to the office and the environment. Recycling used printer cartridges easily reduce a business’s expenses and carbon footprint. It’s an easy way to promote environmental sustainability. Here are six reasons why used toner and ink cartridges should never end up in the trash.   1. Many chemicals in toner and ink [...]

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What Goes into a Managed Print Services Assessment?

What Goes into a Managed Print Services Assessment? Managed print services offer office managers access to best-in-class print infrastructure and maintenance at affordable rates. Organizations that entrust their print needs to a reputable managed service vendor are able to streamline office printing and pay significantly less for their print needs than if they operated their own fleet. The main reason why managed print services are able to reduce printing costs is because service vendors take advantage of economies of scale. By focusing exclusively on office technology and imaging hardware, managed service vendors are able to improve the efficiency of printing processes, use less paper, and maintain printing [...]

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5 Benefits of Implementing Multifunction Printers for Small Business

5 Benefits of Implementing Multifunction Printers for Small Businesses The multifunction printer used to be synonymous with enterprise print processes. For many years, large, high-volume printers with impressive feature sets tended to come at prices beyond what the average small business could afford. Today, compact, high-performance multifunction printers are becoming an increasingly common sight among small and mid-sized businesses. The combination of affordability and workplace efficiency makes them an ideal addition to the small business workspace, particularly when compared to the alternative of purchasing multiple single-function devices. 5 Benefits That Multifunction Printers Offer Small Businesses New advances in imaging technology have broadened the scope of what printers [...]

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Estimating Printing Costs for Business Organizations

Estimating Printing Costs for Business Organizations Unmanaged printing expenses add up. For commercial office managers, these costs can represent a significant portion of their total unreported costs. When these unreported costs remain hidden, it is impossible to appropriately budget for them. Many office managers simply guess and hope that their estimate is good enough to keep the print fleet running until the next quarter. This approach will never generate value or improve efficiency in the office. In order to proactively reduce printing costs, office managers have to implement processes for estimating printing costs effectively. Estimating Printing Costs by Calculating Cost-Per-Print Office managers often estimate printing costs by [...]

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Introducing the Epson WorkForce Pro Series

Introducing the Epson WorkForce Pro Series Office Technologies is excited to introduce the Epson WorkForce Pro Series to its lineup of high-quality inkjet color printers. This printer represents the latest in low-cost color inkjet printing, providing offices with a reliable solution for quickly creating affordable color documents. As an all-in-one inkjet printer packed with valuable features, the Epson WorkForce series combines speed, productivity, and convenience in one package. It’s the ideal print solution for small and mid-sized offices that are looking for affordable color printing. With its low cost-per-page and excellent page yield efficiency, WorkForce printers bridge the gap between low-cost, low-quality color laser printers and high-cost, [...]

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