Check Out HP’s New PageWide Color MFPs and Printers

When it comes to printing, it’s time to stop compromising.

Whether you are in the market for a multifunction product (MFP) or a standalone printer, the HP PageWide series competitively meets the needs of both small and large businesses. This fleet packs design and function features that offer some of the fastest, affordable, and secure color printing available worldwide in its class.

Check out some advantages of HP PageWide color printers below:

Enjoy Low-Cost Color with HP PageWide

Stop choosing between color printing and price. With the HP PageWide fleet, your business can print in high-quality color for typically much less than laser printing. In fact, businesses printing with HP PageWide can generally print in color for 50% less than laser printers.

Thanks to the cartridge and printhead design, you can print more than twice as many pages on a single cartridge than other ink printers can. This adds up to better quality and lower cost for color printing.

Aside from advancements in print hardware and cartridges, the HP PageWide technology can also help your business save money through effective print management. Managed services can help you avoid unnecessary printing, minimize waste, and guide end-user behavior towards more efficient, productive, and resourceful printing practices.

Better Design Means a Lower Break Rate and Higher Quality

The advantages of HP PageWide color printers come from their unique design. The printhead modules are fixed rather than mobile, and span the width of a whole page, which improves the structure and stability of the printers. Printheads also feature a staggering 1,200 nozzles per inch, which are responsible for the high-speed printing up to 75 pages per minute – in black and white or color.

These devices are equipped with powerful optical drop detectors. These detectors monitor thousands of drops of ink as they fall from the nozzles every second. If any nozzles don’t meet the standards of the device, a built-in service station cleans and wipes the nozzles. This service station can also automatically swap out nozzles if they are causing problems, which can eliminate sudden drops in quality such as white streaks on printed materials.

The devices have been put to the test against competitors too. Buyers Laboratory LLC found the HP PageWide technology to outperform competitors in two different studies, and printed over 200,000 pages with zero failures.

Save Power, Reduce Waste, and Lower Bills

HP PageWide devices are all Energy Star-certified and feature industry-leading advanced designs and managed services that work together to save your business money and energy. A significant portion of savings comes from the amount of energy an idling printer uses. A typical idling laser printer uses about 30 watts of energy every hour.

By comparison, an HP PageWide inkjet printer uses 10 watts. However, the biggest energy savings show up when these devices are in-action. An active laser printer users 450 watts/hour – a PageWide printer uses 30.

Not only do HP PageWide printers use 84% less energy than laser competitors, but running one for a year costs less than powering an 18-watt lightbulb. The foundation of this energy-friendly technology is based in its design:

  • No fuser element: Laser printers need to heat a laser element, which costs significant power
  • Fewer moving parts: The printhead stays put while the paper moves
  • Auto-On/Auto-Off: Users can schedule the printer’s on and off time to minimize energy waste

The energy-saving features of the PageWide fleet can lower a business’ printing carbon footprint by 55% throughout the lifecycle of the devices due to their design, packaging, and end of life management.

Rest Easy with Industry-Leading Security

Today, printers are unfortunately a common target for hackers. Fortunately, there are more than 100 security features embedded into the fleet devices, including:

  • Crash protection integrity features at all points from startup to shutdown
  • Security protections for data in the printer and during print transit
  • Optional features like the HP JetAdvantage Security Manager
  • Self-healing security monitoring

The devices also feature an available slot to add a cable-type security lock to the exterior of the printer for additional protection.

A Printing Solution for Every Business

The HP PageWide fleet has a device to meet the needs of any business, large or small. Each device can accommodate 5-15 busy users printing 6,000 pages per month or more. Other print solutions include:

  • Large-format printing in monochrome or color
  • Ethernet and wireless networking support
  • Extra high-yield cartridges available to print up to 16,000 color pages

Are you ready to get the most out of your business printing processes? Contact us today to get a quote on PageWide printers and MFPs today!