Improve Office Workflows with New Printer, Copier
and Multifunction Device Technology

Are you spending too much on document creation and print-related processes? Do you have clear and precise print policies establishing how your employees should use printers, copiers, and multifunction devices?

Most offices have trouble gaining control of their print fleet. It’s easy for administrators to simply give their employees unrestrained access to print assets , but these costs quickly compound. According to our technology partner HP, every dollar you spend on printing requires another $9 to manage.

One of the major challenges facing office administrators in today’s connected, mobile-first environment is establishing and enforcing cost-effective print policy. When employees want physical documents made, they have little incentive to think twice about the total cost of ownership of print assets.

Implement an Integrated Print Fleet and
Manage It Efficiently

Beyond producing high quality prints, state-of-the-art imaging technology lets you manage your fleet of printers, copiers, and multifunction devices with greater visibility and efficiency than ever before. Cost-efficient fleet management and enforced policies improve office workflow while reducing total ownership costs.

Office Technologies’ print products address this common pain point by incorporating sophisticated usage tracking software. This allows management to establish and verify print policies across all users and all imaging devices on a network.

But realizing these cost-saving benefits requires next-generation hardware.

Our offerings include equipment that addresses the most pressing
challenges that office technology providers face


Office Technologies Brands

We rely on the print industry’s most reliable manufacturers to generate value for our customers. Our partnerships extend to multiple manufacturers, ensuring you get the best possible solution for your particular print environment.

Deploy Best-in-Class Imaging Technology Today

Between repairing broken devices and helping your employees make the most of their hardware and software, your IT team’s resources are stretched thin. Entrust imaging procurement to a reliable technology provider that can guarantee you access to the best printers, copiers, and multifunction devices on the market.

Are you ready to incorporate sophisticated, money-saving workflow solutions to your document processes? Contact Office Technologies to find out how.