How to Know If a Business is Using the Right Printing Company in Pottstown, Pennsylvania?

A print company offers many features, but it’s important to consider a print service that can scale with the company when hiring a managed print service in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Companies may consider important factors when choosing a managed print service such as environmental sustainability, what services that are offered, and how local the company is.

Is the Managed Printing Company Local?

A local Pennsylvanian printing company is probably best for a company residing in Pottstown, Pennsylvania (even if the company services national localities.) Local companies are more likely to have nearby office locations that can be visited, which helps to resolve issues if someone must be spoken to immediately. Also, service is typically better and more personable from local companies when compared to larger corporations. The local economy will gain from business and the community will reap the benefits as well. 

Is the Managed Print Service Sustainable?

Managed print services are beneficial for the environment and can potentially save a company major expense. Remanufactured cartridges and recycling old equipment are just some of many ways a managed print service can stay sustainable.

Why Remanufactured Cartridges

Corporations might cringe at having to reuse a cartridge or shudder when considering potential subpar equipment. Truth be told, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cartridges themselves have a 98% success rate and remanufactured cartridges can offer a 96% success rate at a reduced cost. 

Remanufactured cartridges take the original cartridge, repair the wear and damage, and repurposes the cartridge for more ink. The process saves money on production, uses less raw material, and reduces landfill waste.

Does the Company Support the Correct Technology?

With today’s companies using copiers, laser printers, and multifunction printers, it’s important to consider a print service company that supports a business’s major office equipment to include:

  • Copier Technology: Copiers give companies the freedom to create stapled, trifold, and booklet styled documents in-house. A print service company can maintain your copier and optimize placement for less waste. 
  • Laser Printer Technology: Laser Printers are commonly deployed to get the best cost-per-page, produce the lowest waste, and the lowest carbon footprint. It’s wise to consider a managed print service that includes laser supply fulfillment and repair. 
  • Multifunction Printer Technology: Multifunction printers produce an impressive low cost-per-page rate and can digitize documents without having to rely on manual entry. A good print service will be able to facilitate a wide variety of printer types. 

Does the Company Offer the Right Services?

It’s important to make sure that a local print services company offers the right services. Growing companies will have different needs which can be addressed by the specifics of each service to include: 

  • Print Usage Tracking: Naturally it is hard to measure improvement and usage without core printing metrics. A print usage tracking service can let a company track print costs and metrics associated with individual users and gain an unprecedented look at waste, costs, and key areas that can use improvement.
  • Automated supplies fulfillment: Productivity can plummet when simple tasks cannot be completed on time. The right print service will include supplies fulfillment, so that the business can outsource consumable replenishment and not deal with service interruption, due to low or missing toner cartridges. 
  • Print Fleet Optimization: It’s important to consider a printing service that uses advanced usage tracking to optimize printing equipment. Employees need to have easy access to the correct equipment, especially at the highest-volume workflow areas.
  • Printer Service: It’s important to deploy IT resources where they are needed. A managed print service that includes printer repair, will allow companies to keep IT teams deployed when needed, and leave the printer troubleshooting and break/fix-it cycle to the printer experts. 
  • The Right Printing Format: Printing formats can vary greatly, and it can be especially difficult to find inhouse support for wide print formats. A manage print service provider that can provide different formats inhouse, can save a business money.

Get Onboarded with a Managed Print Service

Managed Print Services come in all shapes and sizes and it’s important to select a print service that has the features the business may need in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Technologies can vary from business to business and it’s important to select a service that not only has the technologies needed but is also sustainable and able to grow with the company. With the proper research, a managed print service can be found that addresses all company needs.

Office Technologies is a managed print service that has been operating out of Pottstown, Pennsylvania for 25 years. Servicing Southeastern Pennsylvania, Office Technologies works with the best brands to deliver top quality service with no hidden terms or cost. Office technologies works with sustainability in mind, to deliver optimal results that accomplish company print service goals.