Introducing the Epson WorkForce Pro Series

Office Technologies is excited to introduce the Epson WorkForce Pro Series to its lineup of high-quality inkjet color printers. This printer represents the latest in low-cost color inkjet printing, providing offices with a reliable solution for quickly creating affordable color documents.

As an all-in-one inkjet printer packed with valuable features, the Epson WorkForce series combines speed, productivity, and convenience in one package. It’s the ideal print solution for small and mid-sized offices that are looking for affordable color printing.

With its low cost-per-page and excellent page yield efficiency, WorkForce printers bridge the gap between low-cost, low-quality color laser printers and high-cost, photograph-quality color inkjets normally outside of most office’s budgets.

PCMag gave the new Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C5790 its Editor’s Choice award, citing its value over other laser and inkjet printers in its price range. There are very few printers that can compete with the convenience and quality that Epson’s new line of printers offers.

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C5790 Specifications and Features

The best way to illustrate the unique value that the Epson WorkForce Pro series offers is by examining a particular model. The C5790 is a great place to start, thanks to its collection of sophisticated features and competitive pricing.

  • Automatic Document Feeding. The WF-C5790 holds up to 50 double-sided original documents, and it can scan both sides with a single pass, making it easier for office managers to reliably implement double-sided print policies that reduce paper usage by half.
  • 330-Page Standard Capacity. The device’s two main input drawers hold a combined 330 sheets right out of the box. Offices with high-volume print jobs can opt for an additional 500-sheet drawer as an added extra, bringing the maximum to 830 sheets.
  • 45,000 Maximum Monthly Duty Cycle. This printer can reliably handle up to 45,000 pages per month, although its recommended monthly print volume is 2,500 pages. Both these figures are higher than the majority of similarly priced printers.
  • Secure Web Server. System administrators can print, monitor, and configure this Epson printer from a built-in secure web server accessible through any web browser. This makes controlling the print environment easy for authorized users, while keeping unauthorized users out of the print environment.
  • Mobile Printing Apps. Epson’s print apps include Epson Email Print, Epson iPrint Mobile App, and Epson Remote Print. The WorkForce series also supports Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and Amazon’s Fire operating system.
  • Excellent Print Speed. The WF-C5790 prints both color and monochrome documents at a respectable 24 pages per minute, which is enough for entry-level enterprise functionality. This speed is comparable with many entry-level laser all-in-one printers in the same price range.
  • PrecisionCore Print Quality. The WF-C5790 uses PrecisionCore print technology to produce impressive detail and vibrant color-accurate prints for almost any application. Epson inkjet printers are able to match laser printers for monochrome print crispness and quality.
  • Reduced Total Printing Costs. The Epson WorkForce series is able to save office managers up to 45% on per-page printing costs, thanks to its hyper-efficient use of ink.
  • Replaceable Ink Pack System. Epson’s Replaceable Ink Pack System minimizes the time and complexity of supply-related interventions. Replacing ink cartridges is easy enough for any user to intuitively perform the task without risking damage to the device.
  • Easy Application Integrations. All Epson WorkForce printers offer seamless integration with enterprise print fleet management applications like PaperCut. This allows office managers to accurately control print costs using industry-standard technology.
  • Best-in-Class Security. Epson printers require PIN numbers for job release and feature a broad range of user control access features. The hardware comes ready for SSL and TLS security integration and supports IPsec frameworks as well.

An Affordable Inkjet for Every Office

The Epson WorkForce Pro series addresses a longstanding issue that office managers frequently face when acquiring imaging equipment. Until now, office managers had to carefully consider whether low-cost, high-volume laser printer technology was preferable to high-cost, low-volume inkjet printing technology for their office workflows.

In many cases, this led to offices deploying multiple printer types in the same department, then trying to accurately control print costs by keeping employees working on the appropriate printer for their needs. The Epson WorkForce series allows offices to implement a true all-in-one solution using robust inkjet technology to bridge the gap between inkjet and laser printing.

With a range of sizes and volumes, the WorkForce series has something for everyone. Epson has powerful, compact printers ideal for small offices as well as larger, fully featured print hardware suitable for enterprise departments. There is an Epson printer for every office, and a solution for every employee’s imaging needs.

Is it time for your office to implement best-in-class print hardware from world-class manufacturers? Talk to an Office Technologies expert to get started!