5 08, 2019

How HP Is Tackling Printer Security


How HP Is Tackling Printer Security Constantly leading the way in delivering productive office tools, HP is tackling printer security concerns head-on. With the increased connectivity of devices, exploits are emerging faster and more sinister than ever before. This means taking printer security seriously is a modern-day IT necessity. Printers have unfettered access to your network. They both send and receive information to connected workstations, making them the perfect backdoor to inject malware applications or viruses. HP Leads the Way with New Printer Security Features Multi-function Printers are often overlooked when designing the IT Security system. As part of their enterprise [...]

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21 12, 2018

What Are the Advantages of HP Managed Print Services?


What Are the Advantages of HP Managed Print Services? Managed services are becoming an increasingly attractive way for businesses to handle all sorts of corporate needs without being subject to the variables of up and down business cycles. This trend is even more pronounced when it comes to print and document management. Companies looking to implement managed print services to cut printing costs and increase efficiency should consider the benefits of Hewlett Packard’s top-of-the-line managed print solutions. Hewlett Packard (HP) gained a strong reputation as a leading manufacturer of computer printers, from back in the early days of personal computing. HP [...]

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