The Advantages of Managed Print Services for Government Agencies 

Government agencies have unique organizational needs, and the private sector can address many of them. One of the most advantageous of these for government applications is managed print services which can enhance both security and productivity. 

What Are Managed Print Services?

A managed print service handles the maintenance, repair, and security concerns of office printers. One significant benefit of this is that they can do it at a fraction of the cost it would take to do the same thing in-house.

Why Managed Print Services Are Advantageous for Government Agencies

Government agencies thrive on security and efficiency. Managed print services bring plenty of both to the table. Not only can government departments rely on an MPS for predictive maintenance and repair, but they can also rely on extensive security features. 

While predictive maintenance is essential, the security benefits of having a managed print service are genuinely extraordinary. Organizations enjoy the peace of mind that comes with expert teams offering 24/7 support and running state-of-the-art security software on every printing fleet covered by the service. 

Printing Challenges at Government Institutes

No matter the size of the agency, most of the printing problems lie within the administrator’s offices. Some of these challenges can include:

  • A lack of knowledge of printers and printing
  • A lack of service providers in the area if there is a problem
  • Losses from high printing costs
  • Downtime can cost an agency more when there is a problem with the printer than it would cost to fix it

These challenges are all pressing; however, it is essential to focus in on the final factor. The work that is performed throughout government offices every day is too important to risk slowing down. 

The best way to proactively prevent downtime is to enlist the services of a reliable managed print service provider that can stop problems before they start. 


How Government Agencies can Save Money with MPS

Agencies want to save money wherever they can. With the use of MPS, they can do just that while also keeping up with security and compliance. Ways that MPS can keep funds down are:

  • Using remanufactured printing supplies, such as printers, recycled cartridges, and copiers. They will also usually get a discount of up to 40% off.
  • Maintenance upkeep will help ensure the devices are working correctly and will save on downtime to have them fixed instead of waiting around for the printer to break down completely.
  • GSA approved techs can save not only money but a lot of time too. They will come in, fix the equipment quickly and efficiently, and most will offer onsite delivery of new printing equipment.
  • Freeing up the IT department will be one of the most beneficial things an agency can do. The time and resources it takes for the IT department to worry about and fix the printer equipment can be better used for other things, like keeping the rest of the agency’s technology safe.

How to Choose a Managed Print Service Provider

Despite the advantages, not all managed print service providers are created equal. The quality of the provider determines the extent of the benefits provided by managed print services for a government agency. There are several essential things to consider when shopping for a service provider, including:

  • Reviews
  • Features
  • The extent of the service 
  • Price

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