The Advantages of Managed Print Services in the Pharmaceutical Industry

When it comes to healthcare, there is a lot of paperwork involved. That is also true in the pharmacy. Organizations large and small handle in the pharmaceutical industry tremendous amounts of paperwork and data – and they are expected to do so without error both by patients and the law. 

More and more pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies are turning to managed print services to help conform to these demands. By outsourcing the management of their print environment, these companies can stay secure, efficient and focused on what they do best: helping patients. 

How Managed Print Services Benefit Pharmacy Printing

When a company has strict and specialized printing needs, balancing efficiency and perfection is tough. Managed print services help streamline the printing environment of pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies to deliver the best possible patient care and operational efficiency. In particular, a managed print service is valuable to pharmaceutical companies because they:

1. Ensure Everything Is Printed Correctly

Just like pharmacies specialize in medicine, managed print service providers specialize in printing. They make sure everything is done correctly regardless of how specialized or specific the print job may be. From prescription bottle tags to forms and internal paperwork, a managed print service takes care of all the printing, so the pharmacy does not have to. 

2. Stay on Top of Regulatory Requirements

In the current climate of privacy concerns and digitalization, regulatory requirements are shifting – often without a moment’s notice. However, a managed print service provider is an expert at regulatory compliance. Pharmaceutical companies are subject to a long list of federal mandates on data privacy. Managed print services know all about it and are prepared to help these companies keep their protected health information safe. 

3. Maintain Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency is key to remaining competitive. It slashes unnecessary printing, driving down costs and keeping work processes lean. Like all businesses, pharmaceutical companies can benefit from these advantages both in their ability to deliver service faster and through more cost-effective means. 

4. Deliver Positive Patient Experiences

Lost paperwork, unprofessional print jobs, and document confusion all send a bad message to the people whose lives are affected by a company’s decisions. A managed print service keeps documents organized, delivered exactly when and where they are needed. In turn, companies can create a more positive patient experience that sets everyone at ease.

Lexmark’s Printing Solutions for the Retail Pharmacy Industry 

Office Technologies partners with Lexmark to deliver managed print services and solutions. Lexmark has developed its new line of printing solutions for retail pharmacies. These comprehensive solutions include common printing such as retail signage to the creation of centralized printing infrastructure which covers multiple stores. Retail pharmacies which work with Office Technologies can experience the many benefits of Lexmark’s solutions, including the ability to:

1. Maximize Pharmacy Productivity

Lexmark’s managed print solutions are oriented specifically for the retail pharmacy to optimize and unify printing infrastructure. Such an approach goes far beyond the floor plan and simply the models used. Rather, these solutions hinge on a series of core applications which streamline and amplify productivity. 

2. Deliver High Quality, Dependable Printing

Frequent equipment failures and downtime can hamstring any business. For a pharmacy, this can be devastating. Lexmark has developed devices specifically to handle the types of printing that retail pharmacies regularly conduct. 

3. Engender a Patient-Focused Approach

Managing a print environment is a full-time job, and pharmacists already have their plates full. Lexmark’s unique solutions help engender a patient-focused approach by making sure that the document-intensive processes which pharmacies need to conduct are done rapidly, and right. Let managed print services focus on the printers and pharmacists on patients.   

Managed Print Services for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Healthcare is a fast-paced, demanding industry with equally intense printing demands. Pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies both produce an immense amount of paperwork – and much of it contains protected health information. As such, these companies are also required to adhere to strict regulations which govern how this data is used, stored and transmitted. 

A solid managed print service helps these companies keep on top of the various components which create and influence the print environment. In particular, there are now print solutions developed specifically with pharmaceutical printing in mind. Office Technologies is thrilled to be able to deliver such solutions in order to help propel pharmaceutical clients to higher levels of operation and service.

Are you interested in developing custom managed print services for your retail pharmacy or pharmaceutical office? Office Technologies has the latest devices and strategies from Lexmark. Contact us today to get started.