The Advantages of Utilizing Secure Printers & Copiers in Your Office

Printing and copying are such essential functions that they play a role in almost every company’s workflow. From compliance to payroll, document management through printing and copying files is something that transcends industries.

But with most printers and copiers being able to work wirelessly through a network, are your documents and files secure? 

Best Practices of Secure Printers and Copiers 

When you upgrade your printing fleet with the next generation of hardware, you open yourself up to new opportunities. Not only can you guard against threats, but you can help manage the costs associated with your printing processes. 

Implementing Security Best Practices with Your Print Hardware

Any hardware device a company uses should be secure. This means it requires permission to be used, and the use is tracked digitally.

Secure technologies are affordable in and of themselves in many cases. However, good security practices also help owners to avoid long-term liability. For example, let’s say a printer or copier is unsecured, and a hacker in the vicinity can target it and establish a connection to it. 

Through that, they can access other devices connected to the same network. This could result in critical information like customer data being stolen or the entire work system being shut off, resulting in hours, days, or even weeks of lost business.

From using strong passwords to limit access to a printer to making it invisible to those who are not in the network of authorized users, security best practices ensure your printer isn’t a liability that could be exploited. 

Preventing these catastrophes is critical, which is why secure devices are more than just a good idea in today’s digital landscape. They should be considered a top priority. 

How Secure Printing and Copying Saves You Money

Once a user is confident in the security of their devices, they can begin taking full advantage of them. Secure printers and copiers can be used by anyone on the authorized network – meaning more people can use the same devices.

The result is that unnecessary devices can be eliminated from the network. Entire departments or even entire companies can make use of secure printers and copiers, accessing them with a variety of devices to handle any workflows they need to complete.

With fewer devices on the network, companies can save on energy, ink, paper, and maintenance for these devices – meaning the implementation of secure printers and copiers becomes a cost-saving move in the long term.

Improved Tracking and Compliance

Companies must keep track of everything at their business from managing expenses to ensuring all company policies are being followed.

Secure printing hardware makes it easy to accomplish both of these. More effective tracking means a person can tell how many resources they are spending on their regular print processes. They can also track whether some aspects of the business, times of the day, or types of projects are expending more resources. This, in turn, helps them decide whether these aspects of the job are worth it. 

Tracking also helps companies managed compliance. Whether it’s tracking energy usage from office equipment or making sure printers/copiers are only used for business purposes, secure devices are easier to get information from, allowing owners more control and increased transparency into their use. 

Since printing and copying are processes that are done so often throughout a standard workday, it is easy to see why companies would want to track them more closely. By investing in secure devices, they can more easily manage their costs and ensure work devices are only being used for work-authorized purposes.

Mobile-Enabled Devices with Superior Protection

The mobile age has changed the way people do a lot of things, and it isn’t just about communication anymore.

Mobile devices are used to share important information, documents, charts, and other files in the workplace. They can also be used to print and copy that information directly with secure, connected devices.

One of the main advantages of secure printing is the devices are mobile compatible. There’s no more having to run to a designated workstation, select files, and set them up to be printed or copied. Now, as long as a person is within range of their connected devices, they can communicate with them via their mobile device to start these processes. 

This helps speed things along, and it can also keep things safe. Secure printers use superior protection in the form of secure passwords and encryption, making it easy to rely on them without fear of security hazards.

Secure Printing is an Asset to Any Business

Nearly every business can benefit from having secure printing and copying hardware. Not only does it help speed up daily processes, but it provides more insight into these costs while offering improved security.

Printing and copying will always be part of the workflow of most businesses. Why not improve those workflows by relying on superior technology that can deliver better results? Whether it’s a single device or a whole fleet, secure printing and copying hardware can help any office. 

When you need a provider of secure printers and copiers from top names in the industry, choose Office Technologies. Throughout our 25 years in business, we’ve maintained a commitment to delivering the best technology to help our customers achieve their goals. Contact us to see how we can help you today.