If you own or manage a large business or workforce, you know the hassles of managing several printing devices across a large area. Maybe some machines are getting overused while others gather dust. Or, perhaps some of your printers are slow and outdated, and your team chooses to not use them at all. No matter the reason, if you are looking for ways to increase efficiency and speed up workflows while cutting costs and increasing profits, you might want to look at your print fleets optimization. Most individuals are unsure of the best ways to optimize their fleet, but the managed print service providers at Office Technologies highlight how you can enhance your print environment. 


How Do I Optimize My Print Fleet?

A printer fleet is any fleet containing more than 15 machines. Your fleet can span across a building or several buildings. 


Assess Your Current Print Processes

To optimize your fleet, you should review your current print environment and ask questions like:


  • How many printers and multifunction printers do you have?
  • What are the brands and models of your devices?
  • How many people use each device?
  • What kind of documents are you printing?
  • Where are the machines located in the building?
  • How much are printing and copying tasks costing the company? 


Also, if you have several buildings throughout a city, state, or across several states, ensure you analyze the print environment within each one. 


Know Your Print Spend

After you’ve answered the above questions, it’s time to understand what you spend on your printers and copiers. Printer expenses include vendor contracts, toner, ink, and paper costs, operation costs, maintenance agreement, and device leases. Many companies fail to realize how much they’re spending on the upkeep of their print fleet, which leads to overspending, typically way more than needed. With managed print services from Office Technologies, we can help you reduce waste, improve efficiency, and save valuable time.


Establish What Your Office Needs

Several machines can make up your fleet, including printers, copiers, and multifunction devices. Knowing how to utilize each one depending on your environment will significantly benefit your business and fleet needs. Taking an honest look at which devices employees are using and why they’re using them can help you establish a solution that works best for your employees and the business.


Streamline Your Print Device Fleet

Now that you’ve completed your research, it’s time to streamline your fleet! Right-sizing your printing devices involves moving the right machine to the correct location. Often, this can be as simple as moving a printer to a new area in your office. Other times, it means developing a more effective solution. Working alongside an experienced managed print service provider, like the experts at Office Technologies, is another excellent way to streamline your in-office print process. 


Print Fleet Management by Office Technologies 

Now that you understand your printer fleet and the needs of your office a bit more, your company is well on its way to enhancing its printing environment! If you still have questions or concerns, we encourage you to partner with a reliable print fleet management company like Office Technologies. We can help you reduce your print spend while delivering a fantastic experience for all users. To discuss your print fleet optimization with our team, contact us at 610-326-4700.