Why Universities In Pennsylvania Should Utilize Managed Print Services

Colleges and universities near Pottstown, Pennsylvania, are vibrant educational institutions with many activities going on. From classes to special events, today’s college campus is a busy place. For university administrators, keeping everything running smoothly behind the scenes is critical. This is where managed print services for universities come in.

Managed print services can help both large and small educational institutions. Whether professors need to print out lesson plans, or researchers need to share digital documents, managed print services (MPS) can make a huge difference.  

Trying to care for a large printer fleet internally can be challenging. Disparate equipment in different offices may not “talk” to each other. Obtaining new printer cartridges can be time intensive as well as costly. And maintenance may be a hassle.

Managed print services for universities can help resolve these issues.

What Are Managed Print Services and Why Do Universities Need Them?

Managed print services are services provided by an outside expert company to manage, secure, and maintain a printer fleet. MPS includes a variety of offerings, from auditing printing systems to selecting and managing a printer fleet. The printer fleet may consist of printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines, and multifunction printers (MFPs).

Managed print services for universities take the burden off educational institutions by administering complex printer solutions. This includes configuring and setting up printers on the network, making sure printers are secure, tracking printer usage, and ordering new ink cartridges. This means that busy university administration staff can focus on what is important: education.

The Benefits of Managed Print Services for Universities

Colleges and universities must be mindful of budgets and spending. Every year, things can change – enrollment may drop, or a significant source of funding could dry up. Overall, college enrollment has actually dropped 5% since 2010. Yet, printing costs can gobble up a full 10% of a university’s operating budget. Managed print services for universities track and manage costs, plus provide a whole host of other benefits. These include:

1. Mobile Friendly

In the past ten years, a dramatic shift has occurred in how work gets done. Mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, are now beating out desktop computers for dominance. In this environment, an old printer fleet that can’t handle mobile printing can be counterproductive. MPS provides mobile and cloud printing – on the fly.

2. Better Reporting

Budgetary tracking and reporting are critical for Pennsylvania universities, especially with fluctuating enrollments. However, tracking all this without an MPS can be next to impossible with diverse departments and offices. With fundraising, endowments, and state-funding all requiring bottom-line numbers, MPS can help. 

Managed print services for universities track all costs associated with printing and document workflows. This includes costs for paper, ink, and equipment. With special reporting tools, your MPS can determine whether a department is exceeding its allotment of printing supplies. This may help in drafting policies and procedures that ultimately help save money down the line.

3. Improved Savings

In addition to the natural cost savings that will occur with better tracking, managed print services save money in multiple ways. First, old, outdated equipment can cost more in terms of maintenance, supplies, and upkeep. Space may be at a premium, and thus, multifunction printers (MFPs) may be employed to reduce machine footprints while saving on maintenance. Duplex-enabled printers may be utilized to save paper rather than printing on just one side of it.

More importantly, the idea of “savings” for college students goes beyond the mere bottom line. It extends to the greater environment. Reducing paper waste with duplex printing, for example, saves money while the university becomes more “green.” This is a win/win for everyone. 

4. The Right Device for Any Job

With thousands of printers, scanners, and copiers on campus, a hodge-podge approach can create chaos. Managed print services for universities centralizes management of all these machines, making it much easier for staff to use the right machine for the job. 

5. Printer Service and Automated Supplies Fulfillment

An MPS solution helps your university by taking care of all printer service and maintenance for you. Your staff can focus on education, and not worry about fixing printers and broken copy machines. When it comes time to replace ink and toner, your ​managed print services provider will take care of that for you – in fact, much of this is automated.  

All in all, managed print services for universities saves time, money, and headache. It is well worth it for today’s modern educational institution in Pennsylvania. 

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