Deploy Best-in-class Managed Print Solutions for Education

Education IT Departments feel more pressure now than ever before. Both students and staff demand access to IT resources like on-site printing and network services, but school budgets aren’t always growing sufficiently enough to keep up.

IT specialists working in school districts are in a difficult position. They are often overburdened with managing the school’s print fleet, yet are still expected to:

But academic IT staff are almost constantly kept busy fixing broken hardware. This keeps them from being able to develop long-term strategies for reducing technology costs for school districts. It prevents school districts from implementing cutting-edge IT resources and fulfilling student and teacher demands for on-time service and supply fulfillment.

Office Technologies managed print services is the solution to this set of problems. Academic institutions that invest in managed print solutions for education can significantly cut print costs while improving print service.

How Managed Print Solutions for Education Improve Academic Efficiency

Educators know what they need from school technology. Printing is an important part of the academic experience – both for students and for educators. Managed print solutions for education rely on detailed print audit data to find opportunities for increasing on-site print efficiency while reducing waste.

A detailed print assessment is the first step towards identifying ways to make your school or university run smoother. When conducting a print assessment, our team gathers data on real-world usage to look for the following things:

  • Devices that are over & underutilized & their effects on spend
  • Users and processes that consume the most print resources
  • Non-networked devices that cause central manageability issues
  • Security vulnerabilities in the print network

All of these can compromise the efficiency of school print fleets. Gathering print assessment data lets our team of experts determine the best hardware to deploy as part of a managed print solution for education.

Benefits of Cutting-Edge Print Fleet Management and Software

In a managed print environment, students and educators are categorized as distinct print users. This allows IT specialists to develop and enforce specific print policies for each type of user. Industry-standard software like PaperCut makes it possible to manage print output at the individual user level.

This technology allows school administrators to reduce unnecessary print expenses. It incentivizes both students and teachers to use print resources in a sustainable way. This generates savings and useful data for streamlining workflows further:

  • School districts with managed print infrastructure can earn up to 30% savings on print spend.
  • IT specialists no longer have to spend valuable time and energy fixing broken equipment.
  • School administrators enjoy insight into print spend and can generate real-time reports of print asset usage.
  • Districts can track and budget all print activity while enforcing specific print policy rules, like volume caps and color limiting.
  • Students and teachers can enjoy distinct, separate print privileges based on a comprehensive print policy.

Managed print services offer school administrators options for controlling print spend through transparence and timely access to real-world usage data. This is how the country’s most efficient school districts control printing while accurately reporting costs.

Relieve Printer Service from Your IT Staff

Freeing up school IT staff is a priority in today’s increasingly connected schools. On-site IT technicians need to find strategic ways to improve school infrastructure and implement modern cybersecurity policies – not fix broken printers and scanners.

Managed print solutions for education represent a key cost-saving component of the modern, streamlined school environment. By outsourcing low-impact, high-volume work like printer repair and consumable acquisition to a third-party service provider, you can put your school’s IT team to work on higher-impact issues.

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