Managed Print Services
for Finance and Legal Professionals

Lawyers, accountants, and financial professionals are in a unique position when it comes to print. These industries are notorious for their reliance high-volume print projects and strict regulations concerning privacy and cybersecurity.

As a result, legal and financial professionals often spend more than they have to on print equipment and services. The fear of suffering downtime effectively prevents law firms and accountancy offices from implementing best-in-class managed print services for finance and legal professionals.

Print Challenges Facing Finance and Legal Professionals

On an individual basis, lawyers and accountants print far more than office workers in other fields. In many cases, there is no effective workaround for reducing high-volume prints without compromising regulatory frameworks that strictly require pen-and-paper processes.

However, in a rush to get up and running, both accountants and lawyers will often set print solutions in place and then leave them that way indefinitely. As the firm grows, the print solution remains the same, producing inefficiencies that compound with the expansion of the firm, eventually taking a major bite out of the firm’s revenues.

Financial and legal firms often find themselves suffering from print inefficiencies due to this situation. The results show themselves in the day-to-day processes common to any professional services firm:

How Managed Print Services
for Finance and Legal Firms Enhances Efficiency

Financial and legal firms are businesses that must rely on robust IT infrastructure to succeed in the long term. However, they are not IT-oriented businesses,
and are rarely able to attract and retain the best in-house talent while affordably providing best-in-class assets for infrastructural needs.
Managed print services offer an efficient and elegant solution to this problem:

Lower Print Spend and Increase Productivity Today

Earn responsive print service from world-class professionals by investing in managed print services for finance and legal professionals. By entrusting your print fleet to a highly trained team of imaging experts, you can deploy best-in-class solutions for print efficiency and security without having to overspend on print and network infrastructure.

Your financial or legal firm can start streamlining its print-related processes today. Contact one of our imaging experts to begin the process!