Epson Printers – Powered by PrecisionCore®

This is an advanced printing technology designed to drive the most efficient and effective printers in the world.

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Simplified for Reliable Performance.

The all-in-one chip design simplifies complex components and replaces them.


Epson’s exclusive MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology integrates all printer functional elements into a thin chip, replacing complicated components with an all-in-one, straightforward chip design.


Each chip comprises the piezoelectric print actuator for control and performance, microtubes for swift ink delivery, and up to 800 nozzles for unparalleled precision. This straightforward printing process can self-detect errors, minimize potential issues, and necessitate fewer parts for maintenance.


Drawing on more than four decades of experience, Epson has refined the chip manufacturing process. Employing precise automation and quality control techniques yields permanent, high-quality printheads, consistent quality, and high yields in every chip.


Highly Scalable

The modular chips can be arranged in different print head configurations.

Quality that Scales

The exceptional chips can operate independently or in multiple arrangements, offering unparalleled scalability, resulting in superior image quality and productivity for PrecisionCore printers.

Reliability that Scales

PrecisionCore technology is highly adaptable and can be used in consumer, office, commercial, and industrial printing due to its broad market application and ability to support a wide range of inks and media.

Production that Scales

The scale and reliability of PrecisionCore are without comparison. Epson produces over 15 million printers every year with permanent printheads designed to last the life of the printer allowing for the greatest possible production scale and overall customer value.


Heat-Free Technology

Created to utilize ink efficiently and consume minimal power.

Designed for Efficiency

Incorporating innovative Heat-Free technology, PrecisionCore ensures efficient ink utilization and low power consumption, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

Designed to Reduce

PrecisionCore is designed to minimize waste, electricity consumption, and service calls by using fewer maintenance parts, high-yield consumables, and permanent printheads that last the printer’s lifetime.

Designed with the Future in Mind

Epson strives to create environmentally friendly, precise, and compact innovations to minimize our impact on the environment and revolutionize the printing industry.

Learn About Precision Core

Observe how this advanced inkjet technology creates up to 40 million precise dots per second, enabling professional output at remarkable speeds.

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See How It’s Made

Get a unique, behind-the-scenes view of Epson’s fully automated print head production facility in Japan, and discover the advanced technology powering PrecisionCore.

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Meet the experts

Learn from Epson’s team of experts, who dedicated years to innovating this revolutionary print head technology, and discover the extensive research and development that underpinned one of Epson’s largest strategic investments ever made.

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