Reduce Healthcare Print Costs with
Managed Print Services

Healthcare is an industry where constant technological change intersects with strict regulation and compliance. This is as it should be – not only are patients’ lives on the line, but so is their most sensitive data.

Challenges to Incorporating State-of-the-Art
Print Solutions in Healthcare

The healthcare industry puts a number of unique stresses on print infrastructure. Not only do healthcare providers need immediate access to information when they want it, but they must also be sure that they protect sensitive patient data in the process.


How Managed Print Services Reduce Healthcare Print Costs

Healthcare IT technicians have their hands full. Between maintaining medical databases and ensuring that provider systems function, they simply don’t have the time for high-volume, low-impact tasks like print fleet management.

Doctors, nurses, and laboratory technicians need to stay on top of technological developments that can help them deliver results faster and more accurately. Managed print services represent a critical step towards ensuring medical professionals enjoy access to the resources they need.

Managed print services will relieve your IT and purchasing team of the responsibility for making accurate judgements about print equipment and consumables. By assessing your real-world print usage and enabling real-time visibility into print processes, your managed services team can order print supplies just in time and reduce healthcare print costs by finding the most efficient vendors for your devices.

Automatic supply replenishment ensures that every department in the healthcare environment doesn’t have to wait for new supplies to come in and risk downtime. Print consumables come in exactly when they are needed, and a professional team of technicians ensures your print hardware is always stocked.

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Take Control of Your Print Fleet

Have a professional managed print service team assess your healthcare organization’s print usage. A comprehensive print audit can uncover opportunities to redeploy your print assets in a way that generates value and reduces waste throughout your entire organization.

Find out how our team of imaging experts can help you optimize your print fleet. Start the process of reducing healthcare print costs today.