Take Control of Printing Costs:
Managed Print Services for Small Business

Businesses with less than 500 employees have particular needs when it comes to managing their print fleets. Typically, these organizations don’t have the resources to deploy huge in-house print fleets the way large enterprises do, but must nonetheless compete with prices offered by enterprise competitors.

Similarly, small and mid-sized businesses have the same communication and security concerns that large enterprises have. They need to invest in cutting-edge print equipment with benchmark security performance and mobile networking capability, but can’t simply fill out a procurement form and trust that corporate stakeholders will take care of it.

At the same time, small businesses need to reduce print spend and identify ways to improve print efficiency throughout their business processes. Implementing this kind of infrastructure requires investing in managed print services for small business – specialized solutions that make life easier for small business IT teams.


Top Print Challenges that Small Businesses Face

Smaller organizations tend to have smaller infrastructure, almost by definition. But organizational efficiency requires infrastructure. This produces a situation where small and mid-sized businesses suffer from inefficiencies in areas they should be running more efficiently than their enterprise counterparts can.

Benefits to Managed Print Services for Small Business

Managed print services allow small businesses to enjoy economies of scale normally exclusive to large enterprises. By outsourcing print management expertise to a service provider, small and mid-sized businesses can save money, boost productivity, and eliminate print waste.

Managed print services do this in a number of ways. Dedicated technical service ensures that offices are well-stocked with low-cost consumables and have access to top imaging talent on-demand:

Invest in Managed Print Services Today

With managed print services for small business, you can save up to 40% of original equipment manufacturer super store pricing. Same Day and Next Day delivery & postage service ensures you have access to print consumables when you need them the most.

Sign your small business up for managed print services and find out how much you can save every month. Talk to one of our print specialists to get started.